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Thank You

I would like to thank the following "friends" for helping me make this all possible. I know without their help I would not be on the air exploring this hobby.

These people time out of their busy lives to help me get my station set up.

W8DPK - Don Kovalchik

WD8BHK - Don Brewer

K8WDN - John Gaynard

N8ME- Mark Erbaugh

No Call - Dave Kimble

They helped install an antenna system. plus additional needed hardware, and a telescoping mast pipe.

N8GU - Bob "Doc" Lewis

Introduced me to PSK31 and SSTV then helped set the software up on my computer.

XYL - Barbara Crosbie

My wonderful and understanding wife. Just for putting up with me and supporting me in this hobby.   I love you, Barb

So thanks for all your help. If you every need the favor returned, please do not forget to call.



This page was last updated on  04 Jul 2011