Materials for Scrapbooking – 5 Basic Must-Buy Supplies

With a zillion scrapbooking products, beautiful supplies and innovative tools in the hobby market to aid scrapbookers in their creative outlet, you may require a few suggestions on what beginner materials to purchase.

Fret at not as we have compiled a complete list of materials for scrapbooking that any beginner needs.

Read on.

1. Album – The most basic requirement for any scrapbooker is an album where you hold all your creative designs and cherished memories. Don’t give into pressure and stress about making the right album choice as the multitude of options will confuse any beginner.

Try the size you think is best for your needs and keep adapting/changing as you fill your scrapbooks.

2. Cardstock and Solid Color Paper – Always choose lignin-free and acid-free paper to make sure your scrapbook lasts many years.

3. Patterned Paper – From color, texture to paper weight and designs, patterned paper comes in many shapes, patterns and sizes.

4. Adhesives – Whether you pick a tape runner or a glue dot or liquid glue, just remember that you want your finished project to last for years.

5. Scissors and/or Paper Trimmers – Since you’ll be cutting a lot of stuff – papers, photos, cardboard etc., you need sharp cutting tools to make your designs look beautiful.